Gameweek 5 – 9 FPL Fixture Difficulty Ranking

The first disrupting international break of the season is finally over and we can resume Premier League play with gameweek 5 rolling in this weekend. Looking ahead to this gameweek and to the future we can get a better idea of how to set up for gameweek 5 while also preparing for upcoming fixtures.

When examining gameweek 5-9 there are some excellent options in picking players. Just remember that there is another disruption between gameweek 8 and 9.

With Burnley no longer featuring in the Europa League I do believe that they will return to their previously strong defense and should be a viable option. If you’d rather wait and see, then that’s certainly a great option at this point considering how they have started this season.

Gameweek 5-9 FPL Fixture Difficulty Ranking

Gameweek 5-9 difficulty

A few of the teams to target in the coming weeks include high end options for Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea (despite being lower in the table here).

Mid tier teams to look at would be Southampton, Leicester City, and Everton.

Lower priced players coming from Burnley and Bournemouth could provide great value.

Gameweek 5-7 FPL Fixture Difficulty Ranking

Gameweek 5-7 difficulty

Looking even further ahead you can see how things change for gameweek 6-10.

Gameweek 6-10 FPL Fixture Difficulty

Gameweek 6-10 Difficulty


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