Gameweek 3-7 Fixture Difficulty Ranking

With 2 weeks in the books it’s time to prep for the upcoming matches. Gameweek 3 is coming up, but it is also time to prepare for the matches to come as well. The best way to continue scoring points in fantasy Premier League is to have a strategy going forward and avoid relying on week to week changes. The gameweek 3-7 fixture difficulty ranking is here to help with a solid five match strategy. For further assistance you can use the fantasy Premier League fixtures planner as well to look farther ahead.

One thing to note is the upcoming international break after gameweek 4. This could be a good time to use that first half wild card, but keep in mind there are two more breaks to come in October and November.

In looking ahead for gameweek 3-7 there are several mid-tier teams that have a good run of fixtures including Everton, Crystal Palace, Burnley, and Bournemouth. Everton and Bournemouth are both off to excellent scoring starts and Crystal Palace will surely want to join them.

GW3-7 Match Difficulty

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