Week 8 FPL Tips [VIDEO]

Fantasy Premier League tips

My week 8 FPL tips starts out discussing changes to look at following the international “break.” Is this the time to wildcard? Which formation to go with: 4-4-2, 3-4-3, or 4-3-3? Who are the best striker options? What are the best captain picks for week 8.

Deeper dive: Burnley defense. Has allowed the most shots per game at 21, but also have the most shots blocked per game at 8.7 (next closest is Leicester City at 5.9), have 3.6 saves per game (4th most), and have the most clearances per game at 40.3 (Everton is the next closest with almost 10 fewer at 31.3).

They have set up with a very low block defensive unit and play with a fairly quick, direct counter attack against nearly every team this season. They have also managed to keep 3 clean sheets this season and have allowed just 5 goals. This includes having already played Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool on the road and have come away from this with 5 points from a possible 9.

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