Week 8 FPL Preview

Fantasy Premier League tips

For the week 8 FPL preview I want to take a quick look at some of the key injuries following the most recent set of invasive internationals. I truly despite these international “breaks,” and this post is just one of the many reasons why.

Following this most recent set of international matches there are several players returning from their time with their respective national teams being unable to play for the club team that pays their wages. In addition we, as supporters, are deprived of having some of our best players available for both the club team and our FPL team.

At the time of writing this Romelu Lukaku has been declared fit to play in Belgium’s match on Tuesday, but I’m really hoping he doesn’t play. He’s just coming off of an ankle injury and I don’t trust a national team to declare him fit to play for one of their matches, especially after what happened to Marouane Fellaini.

I, for one, don’t put much stock in players developing better form during their time in internationals primarily due to the various tactical differences between national and club teams. With that in mind, I’m not about recommend players that have only done well during international duty. Someone like James McClean is not going to perform the same for West Brom as he has for Ireland.

In preparing for week 8 it’s going to be very important to check out the ever increasing injury list. Recent additions have included N’Golo Kante, Shkodran Mustafi, Ryan Fraser, Joshua King, Marouane Fellaini, and Isaac Success (just in case you were thinking of taking a punt against Arsenal).

Of course, none of these are top FPL players at these point, but they could definitely affect many teams out there. The Fellaini injury is certainly the worst for fantasy managers considering his recent form as a replacement for Paul Pogba.

As for my own FPL team, I am most likely going to use my first wildcard at this point and do something of a reset. I’ll likely stick with Lukaku and Harry Kane up front and possibly keep Jamie Vardy as well, which then makes think that maybe it’s not even worth wild carding just yet.

I will plan to put out my weekly video on Friday with all of my week 8 FPL tips, but until then this week 8 FPL preview will have to suffice. The key point to look at for this week is to make sure to stay on top of the injury updates. There are plenty of places to go for this info, but I always prefer Premier Injuries.

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