How to find Premier League statistics

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When I first started getting into fantasy Premier League I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to find Premier League stats. At the time it took asking around and searching on forums.

After talking to people and doing some of my own digging I was eventually able to find a few quality sites out there. The great thing is that this is an area that has grown exponentially along with the growth of the Premier League and FPL. Many of those same sites are still going strong and some others have come along as well. This has all culminated in allowing fantasy Premier League managers to have access to many more statistics than they have had in the past. Finding Premier League statistics is becoming easier and easier.

In this week’s video I discuss some of the places that I go to get the best Premier League statistics for my FPL team.

Aside from the official FPL site and their own statistics (which can provide some insights) here are a few others to help you out.




For Togga you will need to be participating in a Togga Draft fantasy game in order to get access to their stats, or get involved in their Perfect XI game on the app.

I am planning to put out future videos with additional details about each of these sites and ways to navigate them to get the most out of your time there. This will include statistics to look for to maximum player potential and how to sort out these various statistics. I hope that you found this article helpful and always appreciate feedback. Hopefully this will help you out in how to find Premier League statistics and how to find statistics to help your fantasy football team.

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