Gameweek 29-33 FPL Fixtures Difficulty Ranking

The Gameweek 29 – 33 FPL fixtures ranking takes a look at the upcoming Premier League fixtures to see which teams can benefit your fantasy football team.

In looking ahead at Gameweek 29-33 Premier League fixtures can get an idea of which teams would be beneficial to target for the coming weeks.

The big FPL fixtures coming up are Gameweek 31, 32, 33, and 35. As of now we have a few details on which teams will have double games in week 32, but nothing for 35. Gameweek 33 has a definite blank for Manchester United and Wolverhampton, but there is a possibility for up to 3 additional matches and 6 teams to be affected by this blank week.

For reference the key FA Cup matches are:

Watford v Crystal Palace

Swansea City v Manchester City

Wolverhampton v Manchester United

Millwall v Brighton

With only one of Watford and Crystal Palace advancing we know that this will only affect 1 fixture on gameweek 33, but we will need to wait and see which teams will be without a match in Crystal Palace v Newcastle and Fulham v Watford.

I’ve included the possible blanks below, but keep all of this information in mind as we head towards these upcoming fixtures.

Gameweek 29-33 FPL Fixtures Difficulty Ranking
Gameweek 33 FPL Fixtures Possible Blanks