Which 3 fantasy Premier League strikers to pick

For week 9 I’m analyzing which 3 fantasy Premier League strikers to pick for your FPL team. The choices are up for grabs between 5 of the top Premier League fantasy football strikers with Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, Gabriel Jesus, Alvaro Morata, and Jamie Vardy.

Video can be found here:

Goal Conversion Rate comparison:

Kane: 0.12

Lukaku: 0.21

Gabriel Jesus: 0.32

Alvaro Morata: 0.29

Jamie Vardy: 0.29


Goals scored per 90 minutes:

Kane: 0.77

Lukaku: 0.88

Jesus: 1.14

Morata: 1.10

Vardy: 0.59


Spurs v Liverpool: Shots allowed per game: 8.1 (3rd fewest)

Goals allowed per game: 12 overall, 11 on the road


Huddersfield v United: shots allowed: 10.9 (6th fewest)

Goals allowed: 9 overall, 5 at home


City v Burnley

Shots allowed: 19.4 (most)

Goals allowed: 6 overall, 4 on the road


Chelsea v Watford

Shots allowed: 12.6 (12th)

Goals allowed: 13 overall, 3 away


Swansea v Leicester:

Shots allowed: 16 (3rd most)

Goals allowed: 8 overall, 7 at home

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